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One year at Quru

And actually my first year at Quru.

To be completely honest I didn’t realize it has been a year since I joined Quru’s team. Linkedin made me realize it yesterday through a couple of private messages and « likes » that it’s been already 12 months that I’ve started over there.
I’ve joined Quru for a couple of reason, quit the NetBooster experience and the « Head of » title, to get back to a Senior Web Analyst role, joining an experienced team, mostly focus on analyzing and not that much on technical side of things. Also joining the SEK group even though I didn’t realize it when I sign my contract.

What about a year after?

I will sign again for sure. If I should have a regret it would may be about not signing with them when I got a previous opportunity in 2015 when I arrived in Finland.
I’m French, I’ve worked in Nantes, Paris, Montreal, Calgary and other couple of places. I’m more used to work 80 hours a week without compensation than with the Finnish spirit or balance of life (which believe or not is way more heathly and efficient on a long term base). Quru is an agency, yes and definitely yes. With a strong weakness for an agency: they care for their employees. I nearly feel like home at Quru (I even wear socks or slippers all time now). SEK people are like a family-in-law, you don’t see them that often but you always find a reason to have a party with them.

Do I miss my title and the responsibility?

No. Absolutely not. For multiple reasons, especially personal ones. But also cause it appears that Quru was missing technical knowledge/skills on board, thus I have found my place here quite easily.
I take care of my clients, helping my colleagues and surely at one point will have extra time to do everything that I’m suppose to setup on my todo!
Plus I can share some good jokes about old fashion days where GTM and other TMS were not running the tagging world. I can raised the head, ask for advanced JS help but also stupid question about the Adobe Analytics interface, or make a demo of Adobe Launch… I’m not struggling with only one technology, I’m using at least 10 tools per week and can really be hollistic this way. Without giving up on the expertise part.

Then why not joining a bigger company more focus on technical focus?

Cause I’m an analyst. I’m an analytics expert. With a strong knowledge of the technical aspect of the market. If I join a technical team full of developer, then I will became just a developer with some analytics knowledge.
It’s just a state of mind. From my opinion data and analytics are more important than the way it’s implemented. Thus it has to be more important in the way I see my role. In the way that Quru see the technical dimension too.